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American ingenuity lost in translation

Saturday, September 29, 2007

American ingenuity lost in translation

Hildene, VT—Two lovely British-American sisters shared this priceless story at our show in Hildene, Vermont. We hope you find it as amusing.

It is widely known that an American tea merchant was the first to accidentally invent the idea of the tea bag. When sending samples of his tea to prospective clients, he would put a small sample in a small pouch. He later found that his clients never opened the bags and were brewing tea right in the pouch, thus voilà, the tea bag. However, the tea bag never gained international popularity and was viewed as yet another American phenomenon.

Getting back to our story, when our lovely sisters from Hildene moved to the states about forty years ago, they thought their dear mother in England would enjoy the convenience of the tea bag and thus sent a box of bagged tea over to her for her enjoyment. When they didn’t hear from her, they asked if she had received the packaged. “Why, yes,” she replied, “but I don’t understand these Americans’ need for excessive cleanliness around the tea. Do you know how long it took me to open and empty all of those tiny packets of tea?”

Thank you for sharing.

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