We recommendYou’re Spicy Orange Spice Tea

Sea of Tea Orange Spice Tea

Cha cha cha — orange and spice make for a mid-day delight! Can you take the heat of this spicy blend? With cinnamon bark, orange peel, cloves, allspice, fennel seed, ginger root, cardamom, licorice root, and natural flavor.

Make great escapes in a simple cup of tea

At Sea of Tea, we believe that life is an adventure. Our teas will whisk you away to faraway lands and pleasant times. Maybe the scent of hibiscus flower in our Petal Pusher blend summons memories of a tropical paradise that was gently tucked away for a rainy day. Perhaps the aroma of the Chai spices wafting from our Afternoon Pleasures blend reminds you of a recent Indian expedition. Or maybe just the taste of our Blue Brew blueberry green tea transports you to warm summer days on the coast. Wherever you want to go, Sea of Tea can take you there.

We craft fun herbal blends using traditional ingredients in a fresh and modern way. Designed for tea novice and tea connoisseur alike, these teas make great conversation pieces. People love to open the beautifully packaged tins, sniff the contents, and comment on each blend. Share a cup of our tea with your friends and loved ones, and find yourself making thoughtful connections or exchanging a secret wish or desire that you would not have otherwise. That magic flows through Sea of Tea, and it’s what we proudly believe distinguishes us from ordinary teas.

From ranches in northern Kenya to villas in the Caribbean, Sea of Tea has been savored by jet-setters around the world. What was once available only to private estates for the ultra-wealthy now ships directly to all tea-lovers. We hope you enjoy your adventure.